Passion, discipline and perseverance

With Passion we created what became one of the largest business law and consulting companies in Romania.

With Discipline we managed to offer the best services and to increase the number of our clients.

With Perseverance we are now abroad, in Italy, Greece and Monte Carlo.

Challenge yourself to think of tomorrow’s problems which your company should start tackling today.

Remember that your principle of action might safely be made a law for the entire world.

The priority for your plans stands us as being the perfect choice for your company.

We know the rules to bring you the right solution before, during and after you have decided to invest in Romania Italy, Greece and Monte Carlo.


Excellence is not a function of your company, it is a function of conscious choice of discipline in business. Our Legal services consist in the flexibility and adaptability for each type of demand by checking a situation in the minimum time required by deepening each matter.


What does a company need when deciding to invest abroad? We can handle all your documents and administrative bureaucracy necessary to start your business in Romania, Italy, Greece and Monte Carlo. We reinforce the clients' value recommending the necessary resources for each type of business.


We need to figure out which particular accounting department would prove to be "the best partner" - they are represented by a separate accounting firm. As we've already stated we choose the best solutions with the best experts in the field with the desire of offering efficiency and effectiveness in the entire mechanism of serving our clients' needs.

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